Safety with Cylinder:

High pressure gas cylinders are made from steel or Aluminium alloys fitted with valves. The contents are identified by adhesive labels, stenciling and a system of color coding. The following Information is marked on each cylinder by permanent stamping:

  • Cylinder Marking
  • Filling pressure
  • Test pressure
  • Manufacturer and country of Origin
  • Serial Number
  • Stamp of official authority
  • Date of previous pressure tests and/or inspections with the stamps of the testing/inspection authorities.
  • Cold rolled sheets, strips and coils.

These marks must never be removed or defaced. Cylinders can only be filled if they carry the correct information.

Safety with Acetylene:

When calcium carbide and water are mixed, acetylene and lime sludge are produced. Acetylene burns in air, with a smoky flame and when burning it develops a lot of heat at high temperature. Mixtures of acetylene and air are very easy to ignite or explode, for example by a spark, small flame or hot spot.


  • Ventilate areas where acetylene may be present
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not produce sparks
  • Do not produce hot spots
  • Use only explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • Do not tolerate acetylene leaks.
  • Avoid producing air/acetylene mixtures.
  • Do not allow air to enter acetylene circuits.
  • Purge air from acetylene circuits with nitrogen before admitting acetylene.
  • Before beginning maintenance work, purge acetylene circuits with nitrogen.